How to setup (2)

Do I need to install anything to my home?

No, The Sleep Chest is completely free standing, this means you can place it anywhere you would put a cabinet, bookshelf, desk or dresser. When you feel like moving the furniture around you are not limited by your Sleep Chest, you can move it with ease any time you like. One other added benefit is you get to keep your Sleep Chest if you move to a new home, you cant do that with a Murphy bed.

Is the Sleep Chest easy to put together?

The Sleep Chest is very easy to put together! We use a patented modular design so it will be mostly assembled out of the box. The drawer base is designed to fit inside the cabinet along with the mattress. The only thing that you need to do is attach the drawer base to the cabinet, and your done!

How to use (4)

What kind of safety features does the Sleep Chest have?

Two locking features are on the door of the Sleep Chest. The first are latches to lock the door to the sides. Second is a chain door lock, to secure the door from swinging open after you unlatch it. These two features are strategically placed under the flip top so they are never accidentally undone, to ensure the door never swings open on its own.

How does it work?

To transform into a bed, the storage drawer telescopes out on eight sturdy inline casters with a convenient pull strap. Simply flip open the top, slide open the latches and the safety chain, then cabinet front folds down to lay on two felt covered support rails. Next unfold the mattress stored within and you are ready for bed! Convenient access to the lower storage drawer is possible even while mattress is unfolded. Closing the Sleep Chest™ is as easy as setting up.

Can I use regular bed sheets?

Yes! The Sleep Chest uses standard mattress dimension.

Twin – W 39″ x L 75″ Mattress

Double – W 54″ x L 75″ Mattress

Queen – W 60″ x L 80″ Mattress

How much weight can I put on the Sleep Chest?

The Sleep Chest can handle a weight load up to 500 pounds or 227 kilograms

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Why is the Sleep Chest better than a Murphy bed?

The Sleep Chest works on the same concept of a Murphy bed, hide a comfortable mattress in a stylish piece of furnature.

But The Sleep Chest has a few key advantages over Murphy Beds.


The Sleep Chest

1240848155298205944thatsmyboy_Simple_Red_Checkmark.svg.medThe Sleep Chest can be set up quickly by anyone.

1240848155298205944thatsmyboy_Simple_Red_Checkmark.svg.medThe Sleep Chest can move into any room and decor.

1240848155298205944thatsmyboy_Simple_Red_Checkmark.svg.medThe Sleep Chest can move to a new home without damaging the walls.


Murphy Beds

polls_600px_Red_x.svg_0138_34463_answer_2_xlargeMurphy beds need to be professionally installed and are expensive.

polls_600px_Red_x.svg_0138_34463_answer_2_xlargeMurphy beds have to stay in the room they are installed in.

polls_600px_Red_x.svg_0138_34463_answer_2_xlargeMurphy beds are not practical to move from one home to another.



Do your products come with a warranty?

All Sleep Chest’s are guaranteed with 1 year warranty for factory defects in the chest and mattress, this does not cover fading or wear of fabrics and wood, softening mattress, or natural markings. for more information about warranty call 1-888-270-8538

How comfortable is the mattress?

The Sleep Chest comes with a tri-fold, memory foam mattress.  This is a 6 – inch mattress with 4 inches of base foam and two inches of memory foam. Three mattress segments are sewn together and do not separate when laid flat.

How durable is the Sleep Chest?

The Sleep Chest was Engineered to specific requirements for strength and movement. A weight strength up to 500 lbs means the Sleep Chest can even be used every night like a regular style bed. Locking mechanisms means that even the movable pieces will stay locked in place for stability and safety.

How do I place an order?

Click HERE for the location finder or you can call us toll free ( 1 888 270 8538 ) and we will figure out the best option for your needs.

How do I become a Sleep Chest dealer?


Thank you for being interested in the Sleep Chest!
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