The Murphy Bed You Don’t Install

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A new unique furniture product is taking the place of traditional wallbeds, it’s less expensive, has no installation, and it’s more versatile. The smart design of the product allows an application range from small urban apartments, vacation villas and large suburban homes. The Sleep Chest is perfect for anyone looking to save space without sacrificing comfort, and with a Sleep Chest, ANY room is a spare room!

The Sleep Chest is free standing furniture, with a clean look. A special hinge holds the top in an upright position so there is no need to move objects from the top. The raised sleeping platform (about 18″ high with the mattress) makes it a practical sleeping option. The cabinet houses a tri-fold 6″ memory foam mattress inside the compact cabinet, as well as a roomy storage drawer for pillows and bedding so everything is conveniently in one place.



All of our cabinets have engineered construction, to ensure they are durable enough for every day use, built to last and as light as possible.

Quality Materials.

We use only hand-picked, premium, veneers to ensure that each cabinet is truly perfect. Engineered drawer boxes and frames are made with superior construction. Industry best practices for our construction standards and the highest-quality hardware, accessories and premium components means you get the highest quality product.


Options mean you can have one in any room, whether traditional, contemporary, transitional or eclectic in nature.

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The Sleep Chest cabinet bed comes with a tri-fold, memory foam mattress. This is a 6 – inch mattress with 4 inches of base foam and two inches of memory foam. Three mattress segments are sewn together and do not separate when laid flat. This mattress accordion folds to fit into the cabinet. W 60 x L 80 inches Mattress comes with a 1 year guarantee.


Introduction and How To Use

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